This skin

From the album “Point my boat home” (c) Dana Williams 2011

This skin—a constant struggle.  That which I do is not what I want to, and so on.  This free will stuff is hard.  I think this was Drew’s favorite song on the album.


There’s something wrong, with my skin
It’s got so thick it won’t let You in
I feel You stretching me, I feel the tears
I can’t seem to let You in anywhere
I need You – or I fall for the lies
I need You – or I compromise
Without You – there’s nowhere that I
There’s nowhere that I can hide
I was a prisoner, held in my sin
There’s something desperately wrong with my skin
My spirit’s willing but my flesh is weak
Strengthen me Jesus, don’t let me fall back
There’s something desperately wrong with this skin
Sometimes it softens but it’s seldom thin
Set me on fire Lord, Jesus shine through
More of You Jesus, I need more of You
Shine through – one holy fire
Shine through – it’s what I desire
Shine through – and take me up higher
This flesh and my spirit call You
Softer skin and a softer heart
Closer to You if we’re worlds apart
This wasn’t in my interest, this wasn’t in my plan: there was a blackness in my heart that resists the Son of Man.  There was a tugging in my spirit to embrace the darker side, but I couldn’t and I wouldn’t let my God be denied.  So I opened up the Word – realized that You are right, and the fire that is in You burns in me and helps me fight all the evil messing with me and the cords that held me tight.  But without the love of God in me I’d never see Your light!


chordsheet This skin

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