Jesus rescue me

from the album “Point my boat home” (c) Dana Williams 2011

Jesus rescue me—one of my favorite songs to play—and Drew’s guitars in here are wonderful.  The song itself—a warning to us all, and a declaration of God’s awesomeness.  When Casting Crowns released “Slow Fade” in 2007 I thought “great—there goes the opening to JRM, but maybe great minds…


…be watchful little eyes what you see
…be mindful little soul what you think
…be careful little feet where you walk
…consider little hands what you touch
Sin so easily set in – Jesus rescue me
Here am I, new life begin – Jesus rescue me
You are holy, holy, holy
You are worthy, worthy, worthy
Singing glory, glory, glory to Your name
Not my righteousness but Yours – Jesus rescue me
Break this heart today oh Lord – Jesus rescue me
If only ten righteous men, would You rescue?
Holy God – set me apart – will You rescue?


chordsheet  Jesus rescue me

If you’d like a copy, the songs are all on iTunes, eMusic & The CD itself is also available at

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