I’ll point my boat home

from the album “Point my boat home” (c) Dana Williams 2011

I’ll point my boat home— the wind is at my back, and my boat is catching all of it.  There have been days when all is right with the world, and I feel the blessings of the Father.  Those are good days.  Cut capo days.


I’ll point my boat home again
I’m running before the seas
I’ll point my boat home again
Jesus, I feel You on the breeze
Days are made for fishing and we were made to fish …
… I’ll point my boat home
With songs of hallelujah, songs of worship on our lips …
… I’ll point my boat home
I’ve done a lot of fishing and I’ve had a bite or two …
Spoke the word of freedom and the freedom word got through …
They asked me if I’d trade my gear, I said I’m not the one …
I spread my net for fishing not denying what He’s done …
Sometimes when the seas are calm He whispers to my soul
But even when the water rises up I’m not alone …
His favour is upon me, in His favour I find rest …
Today before I sleep again I’ll trust I’ve tried my best …


chordsheet I’ll point my boat home again

If you’d like a copy, the songs are all on iTunes, eMusic & amazon.com. The CD itself is also available at amazon.com.



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