I love You

From the album “Point my boat home” (c) Dana Williams 2011

I love You—I was also afraid of God.  His love is far bigger than that fear.  The chord pattern was a derivation from a progression by a former band-mate—a lot of fun to play.  I originally that dreamed someone famous might also like to sing this …  ‘cuz I can’t

So Drew filled in – and I really like how that sounds


The single biggest rock that I ever did see moved was the stone keeping me from You.
Heavy, dead and cold was my life before You came…
Split the rock that hid Your face from view.
And the rock was my heart…
And my heart was like stone….
Hard on the outside, yet cracked and dark within.
When You split my heart, my heart became Your throne!
And I …I love You.


chordsheet I love You

If you’d like a copy, the songs are all on iTunes, eMusic & amazon.com. The CD itself is also available at amazon.com.



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