Everything I ever wanted

from the album “Point my boat home” (c) Dana Williams 2011

Everything I ever wanted—the progression in the verses sounds like something I would have written if I were Tom Petty.  But I’m not.  Drew sings this one – mostly because he sings it better than I do, but also cuz he wanted to.  Special thanks to Jill Murray for the bridge.


You give – everything I ever wanted
You are – every gift I ever knew
You find – all the sin in me I’m pleading
Your love – all the mercy You can pour out
Pour it out… pour it out (on me)…pour it out
You said it all when you prayed before the day
You gave it all when You died upon the cross –
You risked it all when they put You in a grave
You broke it all when You rose to life again!
I find – everything I ever needed
I am – known by bloody stripes you wore
I hold – forgiveness as a precious mystery
I need – all the mercy You can pour out
Pour it out… pour it out (on me)…pour it out
Your mercy flows – like a river it runs to me
And I can no longer hold back the tears
For on that cross You gave up Your life for me
And now You come, You take away all my fears
Pour it out… pour it out (on me)…pour it out


chordsheet Everything I ever wanted


If you’d like a copy, the songs are all on iTunes, eMusic & amazon.com.  The CD itself is also available at amazon.com.



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