Point my boat home – Wilyums first album

First album for Wilyums.  Have a listen – streaming from the beginning:

track 1 –  this skin

track 2 – everything i ever wanted

track 3 – i will receive 

track 4 – hold me in Your arms

track 5 – there is no one like You

track 6 – i love You

track 7 – Jesus rescue me

track 8 – so consume us

track 9 – send Your rain

track 10 – the fear of the Lord

track 11 – i’ll point my boat home again

track 12 – poor man

track 13 – i am standing

Thanks to everyone who’s been an encouragement in this musical journey.  To the bands I’ve played with (yeh Cover to Cover), the worship teams I’ve been a part of, to the Messy Worship participants who worked many of these songs over.  Thank you Caitlin who got me to Micah where my song writing began.  Thank you Drew for great production and instrumentation!  Thank you Libby for sounding so much better than me. Most of all, thank you Cathy for the joy that we share—and everything that help keep it real.  Keep on rocking!  All glory to You Jesus!

Dana Williams—guitar & vocals

Libby Williams—vocals & bgvs

Drew Williams—vocals, bgvs  & absolutely everything else

recorded, mixed, produced and mastered at W Sound studios St. Catharines.

If you’d like a copy of any of the songs, they’re all on iTunes, eMusic & amazon.com and at a few other online stores.   And this is pretty cool, the CD itself (yes the shiny disc) is also available at amazon.com.



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