“Take Me Back”

Jesus’ story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) is familiar to most folks who’ve even just gone to Sunday School when they were kids.  It’s timeless.  I’ve heard a number of interpretations of the purpose and teachings in this parable.  The father, the prodigal son, the older brother, the far country, the “welcome home”, the so-called friends and so on, have been analyzed and presented for us and for our instruction by scholars, pastors and Sunday School teachers. 

Here’s mine.  Without any reference to the older brother.  He wasn’t key to this section of the story…


Take me back

There’ve been so many times when I partied and drank,

‘Till I found myself facing my self in the sink where I cried.

And I couldn’t control even basic response,

It was fun, life’s a blast, c’mon down, we’re gonna get fried!

I had all that I thought could bring joy, satisfy,

But the glittering jewel of the far country called me to join.

So I packed up my things, told my father good-bye

And shifted control from my head further south to my groin.

 Take me back take me back take me back to my home now

Take me back take me back take me back to your love

‘Cause I’m tired and confused and I’m sorry for all that I’ve done now.

I’m messed up and I want to start over with help from above!

When you’re rich you’ve got friends, just as real as the cash.

When the money’s all gone, you’ve got nothing but anger and pain.

And the women and wine, leave a strong memory.

Make me sick, make me soaking-wet scared, ’till I do it again.


No hope, no chance , no life, no way I screamed ,I fought,  I cried,

No hope, no chance , no life, no way I screamed ,I fought,  I cried,

One way!

There’s been so many times when I thought of this day,

When I’d have nothing left and my life as I knew it would end.

Now how could I explain, how could I ever ask

To be even a servant, I’d once been a son and a friend.

My daddy was thrilled to see me again!

He grabbed me and gave me new shoes and a ring and he laughed.

Now I’m home safe and sound, and I’m happy to say

That the only real loser in this tale’s one dead fatted calf.

And, if you’d like an MP3 of “Take Me Back” please e-mail me at danawilyums@gmail.com with “Take Me Back” in the subject line.  (I’ll know what you mean and I’ll pop the MP3 your way).
And, I won’t put you on any kind of mailing list.  I don’t have one.

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