Destination – Wilyums 2nd album

Why not have a listen?  Here’s a streaming of the entire “Destination”…

Destination Album cover - front

“Point my boat home” was a mixture of songs written over a number of years.  “Destination” is too.  As I was putting these songs together – choosing which songs made the cut so to speak, I recognized much more of a liturgy in these songs than in the prior project.  And though they may not necessarily be released in liturgical order on the album itself, it was part of how this project came to be.

Destination Album cover - back

This album takes a risk or two.  “Take me back” is obviously a song about the parable of the prodigal son.  Despite being written in the first person, the song itself isn’t likely to be sung in a morning worship service.  Nevertheless, it is a song of repentance.  Love wins!

Have a listen if you’re ready…  If you’d like a copy of the lyrics and chords – I’ve stuffed them in too!

  A lifetime without love: The simplest song in this collection. But when an entire choir backs you up, this is what a simple song might sound like. God is love. A lifetime without Jesus, is a lifetime without that love.Lifetime Without Love

Happy now I’ve found You:  It might take a while to get there, but God, You’re the destination.Happy now I’ve found You

Your love is great:  Written on a beautiful afternoon in a cottage on Lake Couchiching. I heard the drums before the rest of the song. I will praise You!Your love is great

Throned upon the awful tree:   Looking for Good Friday songs to include in a service that I put together I came upon these wonderful words to an old hymn. I added a chorus and this tune. I’ve still never heard how the original tune went. Hark, that cry that peals aloud upward through the whelming cloud.Throned upon the awful tree

Water:  A contrast of the dry and barren world without God’s Spirit with the drenching love of God. Fountain spraying breeze into my soul. I need the water.Water

Sunday Morning:  Amongst the wonderful hymns at Easter, this is a personal Easter song. What if we were there at the resurrection? I walked with Jesus. You changed my world.Sunday morning

You are God: (I love to worship You): Isn’t it fantastic to get really caught up in worship? Awestruck when face to face with God.   Your fire burns bright, and Your fire burns clear.You are God

Set me apart:  Holiness is elusive, and as long as there are so many distractions in this world of ours, it will remain so for us all. Still, we’re not without all hope. Set me apart to seek the truth.Set me apart

Without Your blood: A communion song. I have been washed in Jesus’ blood.Without Your blood

Blood of Jesus: There is power and life in the blood. Jesus’ blood never fails. It’s the blood that poured out from His feet that walked me to the Father.Blood of Jesus (Cover me)

Light a candle:  It’s the sort of song that can get faster and faster and end with HEY! But, this time it doesn’t. The Lord’s coming home!Light a candle

Into the river:  Ezekiel 47 inspired this. Who wouldn’t want a deeper and better relationship with God’s Spirit? The deeper I go, the better I feel. Jesus, I do love Your ways.Into the river

Take me back:  The prodigal son struggles with his very poor choices and makes a good choice at last. Spoiler alert: the only real loser in this tale’s one dead fatted calf.Take me back

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