From the album “Point my boat home”:

These songs are songs that have been written over a number of years and that are seeing some more daylight now.  They’ve been my companions – each one for a different season, and I hope they’ll become yours too.  Here’s all the songs rolled into one stream…

From the album “Destination”:

JUST RELEASED July 2014!-  Have a listen.  Following up from the Point My Boat Home project.  Here’s all the songs streamed into one…

From: “Libby’s songs”

You’ve got to check out this sampler.  Attached are three of the songs that Libby’s written (one for me, one for a friend of hers who was suffering with anorexia, and one for getting over it).

Merry Christmas Daddy:


Ana’s Chokehold:


Dry Eyes:

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