Passion – scripts and liturgies – COMING SOON

“Since creation itself, the week leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and subsequent resurrection is without equal.  In the Bible more attention is given to this week than any other week. It is arguably the most significant week in human history.  It began on what we now call Palm Sunday and culminated Easter Sunday.

Jesus was a young man, perhaps 33 years old, a Rabbi by designation, and a carpenter by trade.  By birthright the Son of God, He was also God in the flesh, the second member of the Trinity.  This birthright made Him unique.  And, this birthright also now makes us unique.”  from “A Passion Play – Last Supper To Resurrection”

Like the Christmas Story, this play can be read quietly or aloud, performed as a Spoken Word, or acted.  It weaves the four gospel accounts of Jesus biographers into a seamless presentation of what happened from the Last Supper to Jesus’ resurrection.  The play is separated into 11 meaningful segments – measuring the progress of this amazing story.

The character and narrator roles speak the actual words recorded in the gospels.  An introduction before the actual play begins sets the stage for the historical events to follow.

Coming Soon – Passion Play – Last Supper To Resurrection

Passion Play – Last Supper to Resurrection

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