Christmas Scripts and Liturgies – COMING SOON

Looking for a meaningful and rich Sunday service to wrap around the Christmas season?  The Scriptures record the who, why, what, when, where, how about Jesus’ coming to earth.  The Scriptures do it with great beauty and majesty.  I’ve loved the real story of Christmas as long as I can recall.  One of the most meaningful remembrances is the first time I heard Linus read the KJV “and there were in the same country shepherds…”  when I was a boy watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas“.   The best Christmas seemed to be the real Christmas.

A few Christmases ago, I combined the Gospel accounts of the Christmas story (Matthew and Luke primarily) and created a Christmas pageant that could be read by a number of persons, added some Christmas carols and some contemporary worship music to come up with something Linus might have appreciated too.

It can be performed effectively with as few as three persons splitting the readings, or as many as 13 plus if you have a lot of folks who want to get involved.  It takes between an hour and an hour and a half to complete – depending on the song choices and arrangements you choose.

Because there are the songs interspersed, the format also allows lots of congregational participation – and any children won’t get too restless – as there are numerous breaks for songs.  The songs reflect much of what’s taking place in the story to further support the liturgy.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Story – In Their Eyes   COMING SOON

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