A few pictures we took in Europe when we weren’t blown away by everything else…

In an alleyway in Dubrovnik – caught the light, and there was no one around!

And the other alley shot I’m really happy with, just a few days later in Venice

There’s no shortage of things to shoot in Europe, if the light is right and the crowd’s not too thick…

Variety is the spice of life – a colourful display table in the town of Eze, France

Once again, lighting is critical.  Billions of people have taken pictures of the Colliseum in Rome, but I wanted something that wasn’t just a snapshot.  I tried to be arty.

It isn’t until you see the feet at the upper left that you realize that this is floor tile…

That it’s this guys job to guard the statue – to prevent unauthorized touching, grafitti etc – is one thing.  But, it looks he sees something new…

Shopping and jostling in Greece

Again, the early morning light made this

The busses arrive before 7

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