Where cod fishers, whalers and Norse explorers landed because they couldn’t stay at sea forever.  A rough and beautiful land, filled now with the friendliest folks on earth…  In two weeks we drove 3,000 km from Deer Lake to St. John’s having no idea that the place was so large or so photogenic.

Not all the boats are still used

Look the other way and the sky explodes in reds and purples – which I used as the album cover for “Point my boat home”

 The noble pitcher plant – I liked this shot more than the postcards of these same flowers.

The lighting was fabulous on Labrador!

O sure you had to head out to see where the Titanic had met its Waterloo

Airing one’s dirty laudry isn’t cool, but airing one’s clean laundry is a Newfouland iconic image.  We had to look hard for drying laundry to shoot.  Found it!

The Tuckamore trees

And the arches

Wildlife of all sizes, but the small were as fun to watch as the whale size exhibits.  I should have set up a tripod…

The sea and the sky were perfect

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