Great Britain – 2016

Cathy and I had a terrific vacation in 2016, travelling to and through parts of Great Britain.  As personal memory capability is somewhat sparse at time we committed as much as possible to digital format for posterity (as if posterity is interested in them)…


 leaving Staffa Island, near Iona Scotland

606 47 Stonehenge

Old, impressive and out of bounds – just as well to prevent any damage and ruin photos


Castle Stalker – Scotland.  Where the very funny French defended their castle in Monty Python’s Holy Grail


At the Robert Burns monument with Brig o’ Doon in the background


Oban Harbour


Upon discovering the joys of cream tea we found the ultimate provider in Conwy Wales


At El and Derek’s place in Slad


Staffa Island puffins – would allow you to pet them I imagine.  But getting within a few feet was enough.

608 20 London

St. Paul’s standing the test of time

608 85 London Tower of London

Do NOT miss the Tower of London Beefeater tour