We took a ship from Vancouver to the Alaskan coast then boarded a train to Fairbanks.   Alaska is beautiful, and they have a wonderful beer, Alaskan Amber which made a wonderful dinner companion for those ten days or so.  Even before she ran for the top job Sarah Palin was big news in Alaska.  They seemed to really like her.    We didn’t catch a glimpse…

A native tent with central heating

It was only after I took this that I notices the kayakers – we were many many miles from nowhere… and so were they.

Cold enough?  Amazing colours.

You can see forever from Skagway to the Yukon…

The float plane landed in this pristine interior lake.  We stopped, got out and took this picture from the pontoon…

When the sun sets, it sets twice

Must love dogs..  sled dog puppies would heal the sickest heart

Everyone loves a parade, and the Fairbanks cruisers weren’t all human

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