Recommended Links

Some recommended links!

What to do with a little extra money each month…  way less than a coffee a day as the comparison generally goes…

Compassion Canada

Any idea how much God loves you?

Father’s Love Letter

A remarkable story of one person’s victory over Anorexia.  And, please check out the song “Ana’s Chokehold” that Libby wrote for AshLee in the Libby’s Songs page.

Anorexia beaten

Folks who have a remarkable track record in defeating all kinds of addiction.  And, it’s not just for teens.

Teen Challenge

Now what if you just want a guilty laugh (and no, that’s not my car – even though you might get the impression.  It’s my dog you hear at the start, but that’s about it.  No wait, that’s my Drew…!)?   We’re a little bit country, we’re a little bit hip hop.

White Boys

Any idea how you might sound if you could just get a band together?  Here’s an answer to your dilemma. Mind you you’ll probably have to live near the Niagara region to take full advantage of these services…

WSound Recording

Everyone wants to be an original, but if that’s not possible, you can at least buy an original!

Hamilton’s own: Dan Rivero

Looking for a church (in St. Catharines, Vineland or Welland)?  Here’s where we’ve set in.  If you want some really good on-line teaching, there’s plenty of that here too:

Southridge Community Church:

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