Favorite Family Recipes

These recipes form a collection of family favorites culled from grandparents, relatives and friends, books and websites (cited where known).  We love ’em.  I hope you will too.  Click the Recipes link for a pdf version of them all._DSC0963

This halibut dish is one I’d love to have a recipe for – but there’s no way it would taste as fresh as this did.  The 71 lb halibut had been caught that morning and was on our plates at noon…

Here’s what’s included in the pdf…

1 Broccoli and Potato Chowder Hearty and hale, without the kale
2 Soup a L’Italienne Thanks to Jan Chappell for this delicious winter-beater
Appetizer / Snack
1 Cheese Cookies MUCH nicer than those little fishies
2 Chimichurri Give it a whirl
3 Crab Dip On a Ritz – decadent
4 Hawaiian Tuna Ball Oldie but goodie
5 Layered Cocktail Dip THIS is the one
6 Guacamole Zesty moleh
Main Courses
1 Meat Temperatures Safe and reliable
2 Beer-Can Chicken Never fails to please
3 Chili An award winning variety
4 Grilled Vegetables Because you can
5 Lasagna For guests and family
6 Peppy Beef Patties Stretch your meat budget
7 Ribs From scratch, purist
8 Spaghetti Sauce Friday night special
9 Sweet & Sour Meatballs So much better than Ikea
10 Zesty Meatballs And again
11 Beef Tenderloin The king
1 Butterscotch Bars Scutterbotch
2 Carrot Cake If you’re not into chocolate
3 Chocolate Brownies If you’re into chocolate
4 Chocolate Cake Ibby Webster’s valhalla
5 Chocolate Chip Cookies Just out of the oven
6 Chocolate Sauce No ice cream should be naked
7 Coconut Squares If you’re not into chocolate or carrot
8 Scratch Pie Dough Show off
9 Grilled Strawberry-Blueberry Galette So good to BBQ, so good to eat
10 Grasshopper Pie Another summer treat
11 Lemon Loaf Zesty
12 Mocha Icing See Chocolate Cake and add
13 Pecan Pie Oh baby
14 Pumpkin Pie Oh baby
15 Shortbread Merry Christmas
16 Snickerdoodles ???
17 Stained Glass Windows The base is key
18 Trifle And it’s good for you 😉