3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:  I’d lift my hands, perhaps even dance a bit, but I don’t want to offend anyone. Or draw attention to myself.

Turn down all the lights…  Lose the inhibition…   I wonder if folks would worship any differently…  I would.  Unfortunately…

As a westerner (that is, as someone from Canada as opposed to say – China), there are certain forms of expression that were drilled out of me as a kid.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t cool for guys to do certain things that girls are much freer to do.  That’s what separates us isn’t it?  And, axiomatically, no one likes mimes.  Oddly, it’s okay to “act” if you’re an “actor” and it’s okay to get all excited if the Maple Leafs are playing well 😦  but church is a holy place where…

But, is it okay to raise your hands if the music that’s playing is “Surrender”?  Of course it is!  But it is also really difficult for some.  And this is where the worship leader can really assist.  Without being critical of those whose worship is akin to the poor fellow in the bearskin hat standing outside the Queen’s gates for hours, there is a freedom that can be enjoyed more by everyone if the worship leader takes the time to “invite” the congregation to let go a bit.

What about those songs that say “I’m falling on my knees” ?  Here’s a dilemma.  There are some places that aren’t conducive to “falling on my knees”.  There’s no way I could do that in many auditoriums – unless I move to the aisles.  But, I’ve always felt odd about leading songs like that where it wasn’t possible for the worship leader to take part as well.  That fixed mic just won’t pick up that vocal if you’re four feet below it.  And, if I say I’m falling to my knees and I only mean it as a figure of speech, perhaps someone better mention that before the song gets underway – while playing a chord progression over the intro…

Your church may not have this issue to deal with – and perhaps it comes down to real revival having broken out.  Until revival happens though, the worship leader can certainly be a gentle guide showing us where the Spirit is leading.

Oh yes – it really helps if those who are on the worship team are leading by example!  It messes with me if it looks like the worship team doesn’t get it.

P.S.  Especially if your worship team is at the front of the church – SMILE! 🙂 (Note: does not apply during songs of confession)

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