Worship: a music perspective

Why am I writing this when there are already so many books on this subject by folks who really know their stuff?

Many (many) years ago the church I was attending began the journey from hymns and choruses (with respectful clapping on the first and third beat) to a heartfelt worship experience.  We experimented and experimented and gradually we even became known as a church that worshipped.  I’m going to try to capture some of what we went through to provide another perspective on “what we were created for”.  Music hath charms to sooth the savage…

Since this is a web page, I’d seriously love this to become a dialogue – so please feel free to respond!

Over the next short while let’s talk about some of this stuff…

  1. If it’s what God made us for does that make God an egotist?
  2. That’s a great looking band up there in front of the words.
  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:  I’d lift my hands, but I don’t want to offend anyone. Insecurity is rough.
  4. Sometimes all I need is permission:  Leading vs directing
  5. It’s a joyful noise – isn’t it?
  6. Flags:  It’s only fun until someone loses an eye.
  7. Tambourines:  Lost in congregational worship, Donnie’s tambourine began playing ¾ time as the team entered “Blessed be Your name”.
  8. What happens between too quiet and too loud?
  9. A smoke machine or dry ice would add atmosphere…  And maybe we could get a close-up of the drummer
  10. Can I paint while you play?
  11. It’s only a high F:  see topic 8
  12. Are we worshiping worship?  …the music fades…
  13. Liturgy: Just a few songs I like strung together
  14. You’re not the boss of me.  Playing with a team of volunteers
  15. Can Sandra play guitar with us next week?
  16. But I’m smiling on the inside
  17. Don’t stop now
  18. Messy Worship – every second Tuesday evening
  19. Harp & Bowl – when two hours is too few
  20. Stuff that gets confusing, gets in the way

Allrighty then – To the King!

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