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I’m happy (really honoured actually) that you’ve taken the time to stop in, and hope that this will be a conversation.  …


Some of our family favorites to share…


Wilyums” is the label I first put on a slow-cooker and ladle when taking part in a pot luck luncheon at work.  The two albums that have been produced “Point My Boat Home” and “Destination” are also cooked up Wilyums.  Wilyums is Drew Williams, Libby Williams and me.

Just a note: if you’re listening to these songs and you leave the web-page, the corresponding song stops.  To avoid this, try opening a different tab in your browser and coming back!  (The individual songs are on subsequent pages)

Point My Boat Home – the entire album…  

Destination – the entire album…

I started writing with and for a youth group that I helped lead for many years.  For a long time there were a lot of people writing songs at our church.  We’ve sung all the songs that are on “Point my boat home” and most of the songs on “Destination” in worship services.  When Drew opened a studio he recorded a couple of songs I’d written, and they sounded just like I’d heard them in my head.  So we went for broke and recorded a full album.  Then we did it again.

Then, there are the songs that Libby’s written and recorded.  SO nice.

Enjoy the music!


The banner photos are personal, from vacations, the living room, the back yard, weddings, and even a nearby reenactment.  I tried to make the photo somehow relevant to the content.  Success is relative…

Scripts and Liturgies:

The REAL Christmas play.  A compiled Easter passion play.

Worship: A Music Perspective:

A worship team experience can be a truly fabulous experience.  These are my observations and convictions about worship team experiences.  I hope they’ll provide some relevance if you too are on a team.  Dig in.  And PLEASE feed back.

Recommended Links:

Been there, liked it.  Recommended to YOU too!


Go ahead, celebrate with all your might!

1 thought on “Start here!

  1. Bill Rosr

    That song “take me back” to a day long ago. The funny thing is I pulled out my olf music last week and this song was on the top of the music. No joke… you are an amazing writer and I really enjoyed playing with you. Lets get together one day soon.

    Bill Rose


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