Monthly Archives: July 2014

Cardinals – should have been big

Here’s a terrific band that spent a lot of time on repeat play when Cathy and I were driving to and from Cape Cod last fall.  And, it is still one of the finest releases that I’ve heard for a long while.  Up there with The Lone Bellow, and sadly missed The Civil Wars.  Have a listen to Cardinals.  Hard not to get hooked.

The renamed themselves “The Juliets”, released an EP under that name, but now I’m told they’ve gone their separate ways.  Some things are too good to last.

Congratulations! It’s a … CD

Okay, there are still a few copies left.  I’ve not given as many away as with the first release.  And, this one’s not for sale on line (yet, at any rate).

This is the second Wilyums project that Drew, Libby and I put together.   It isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the arrival of a child.  But, it won’t need to be fed, cuddled or changed.

If you’d like a copy (if there are any left after the first mad rush) I’d be happy to get one to you – or you’re more than welcome to drop by and pick one up.  And, I still have a number of copies of “Point My Boat Home” to give away.

Keeping you posted…