Monthly Archives: February 2012

Be perfect to one another

Is working on perfection frustrating you?  It bothered me, this quest for perfection that I thought I was supposed to be working on.  Hadn’t Jesus said in Matthew 5:48 that we were to be perfect, just as our Heavenly Father was perfect?  And I was pretty sure that if Jesus said it, it must be so.

Either that, or I’d misunderstood it.

Or He’d been misquoted.

Or, mis-translated.

Some time ago while driving back to work from a mid-day appointment I happened to be listening to Charles Price (The Living Truth) on the radio, and I had this eureka moment.  (And that Virginia is why we have radios in cars).

I thought I’d share what I got from the few minutes I’d heard – a few minutes that were somewhat life-changing…

An approximated CP parable can illustrate:  If I’m using my beat up old pen to write a note to someone and I’m asked “how’s the pen?”  I could surely say that the pen is “perfect”.  It’s doing just what it was created to do.  If I use the pen as a toothpick or a coffee stirrer, the pen is no longer “perfect” . That’s pretty much how “perfect” in greek should have been translated. In the sense that Jesus used it, perfect implies “working as intended or working as created”.

Just as it is with the pen, so it is with us.  We were all created for God’s purposes.  If we live to God’s glory, if we begin to love as He loves, we are thus perfected!

Thank you Charles.  Oh and thank you car radio.  Turns out that even though you may not be Bose, you are perfect.