Finding the church

It hadn’t gone missing, as much as we’d gone missing.  A million books have been written about why folks move on – whether or not it’s a good thing – whether or not it is even a reasonable thing to do.  Thankfully, it is however a really, really difficult thing to do.  We’d been plugged into the same body for over 25 years and were involved – heavily.  So saying adieu was very awkward at best and impossible at worst.  I remember how I’d felt when others before us left.

Anyway, the church isn’t missing, but we’re trying to find it again.

So here are the choices – the shopping list as it were.  Small, large, religious, free, Spirit-filled, Calvinist, Arminian, worshiping, teaching, friendly, uptight, outreaching, rich, poor, insular, mainstream, charismatic…

“Don’t wait for the perfect church – you’ll ruin it.”

I’d considered creating a scorecard of sorts, and over the Sundays we’d visit and keep score.  Then, after a specific period had passed we’d tally and decide.

The dartboard method would be easier, and if we were wrong, we could blame it on God for not guiding the fated projectile to the appropriate slice of the pie.

Prayerfully consider what your gifts are (your assets so to speak), what you need (your liabilities) and see if there’s a spot where you can invest.

And so the hunt continues…

We’ve liked every spot we’ve gone, and where we came from – so far.

2 thoughts on “Finding the church

    1. danawilyums Post author

      Hi Peter
      That has to be the elephant in the room. Sorely tempted to dance, I resist and say that “somehow we knew that it was time”. Cathy and I needed to make this decision together. No way would one of us stay while the other moved on. It was the most difficult of things to do – as a church is a family as much as anything – a family of people we really love. But “why?”.
      From over 300 people in the congregation, the church had since become very small. Too small to support a pastor, and so small that most of the givings were going towards rent and utilities. We’d been small for a long time and had struggled with all sorts of things. All these struggles made us stronger though. They also created a frustration. And, the church itself was administered by a small part of that small body – including ourselves. And, we weren’t sure that we weren’t just staying because we had these obligations. Taken independantly, none of these individually were reason enough to begin a search.
      Altogether though we finally knew that we could and should go.
      And, in three months of looking, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for…
      I guess we haven’t left the family so much as we’ve just moved out of the home.


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