Thos that are closest to me

Home again

Hi there!

I’m happy that you’ve taken the time to stop in, and hope that this will be a conversation.

This site will share some stuff that I’ve been working on and through for a few years now.

I started writing within the confines of a youth group that I was fortunate to have led.  I wrote tunes that had lyrics, and then began writing lyrics that had tunes.  For a long time there were a lot of people writing songs at our church.  We’ve sung all the songs that are on “Point my boat home” in worship services.  When Drew opened a studio in our basement, he recorded a couple of songs I’d written, and they sounded just like I’d heard them in my head.  So we went for broke and recorded a full album.  We called it “Point my boat home”.   Enjoy the music!


The banner photos are personal (this one’s my family), from vacations, the living room, the back yard, weddings, and even a nearby reenactment.  I tried to make the photo somehow relevant to the content.  Success is relative…

Op Ed – What’s the “Worship” tab?

A worship team experience can be a truly fabulous experience.  These are my observations and convictions about worship team experiences.  I hope they’ll provide some relevance if you too are on a team.  Dig in.  And feed back.

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